Another Renovation | FLIP!

So last week, my husband and I finished up another renovation project! It’s not a “tiny house” but it is pretty small by most people’s standards. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Eat-in Kitchen and a Family Room = 816 Square Feet. Small house doesn’t me small project though. We purchased this 1959 home from another investor who started, but did not complete the project.


Our closing was back in late January. Remember January 2018? It was COLD. Really COLD! and this home had no HVAC system. First thing was first! All new duct work and HVAC. New plumbing to connect the brand new hot water heater. Where do you put a hot water heater in a tiny house, you ask? Outside – it got it’s own little shed on the side of the house. And they all drain into the brand new SEPTIC TANK!  What a fun way to spend money…but it’s all stuff a homeowner needs!

The tiny bathroom got a beautiful new tiled tub surround and a smallish sink. After the electrical panel in the kitchen (yes, the kitchen) was relocated, we were able to create a great L-shaped work space without putting the refrigerator on the other side of the room next to the dining table. And the deck! A new front porch and back deck were built giving the new homeowner a great place to enjoy the 1+ acre lot.

Check out these photos!


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