Flippin’ Magnolia

Over the past few months, my husband, Chris, and I have been working hard on our first real estate “flip” here in Cary, NC! It’s been exciting, exhausting and rewarding. The ultimate staging project for me. The ultimate home improvement project for Chris.

We stumbled upon this home and knew right away that this was the project we’d been looking for and it showed up at the perfect time and location. We closed on our purchase on June 28, 2016. Much of that kitchen was original to 1975!closing-selfie

We got to work right away on demo. It’s fun to say “Demo Day” but it really takes much longer – at least the way we did it. Chris and our son, Silas, worked hard to fill up two dumpsters with flooring, cabinetry, appliances and carpet. Plus, landscaping and an old shed.

I have so  many more photos of every step of the way…putting it back together started with a new roof, siding and trim. Fresh paint on top and it was already looking much better! Then the driveway. It looked like there had been an earthquake, but if fact, all the trees had been removed but the roots remained. Under the driveway.


Some of the best features of the house remained – keeping the charm was important and we loved the bird house and the most amazing crepe myrtle I’ve ever seen.

It all came together in exactly 3 months. The house went on the market on September 27th. Our first showing resulted in a offer and we went under contract right away! Lucky buyers and thrilled flippers. Can’t wait for the new owners to enjoy our hard work!

Honestly, I’m pinching myself. Nothing’s over until it closes, but couldn’t wait any longer to post about my favorite real estate project so far! I’ve always love working on my own home (which has been sadly neglected these past 3 months) and a chance to make a mess and fix it up somewhere else has been fun and extremely educational. I’ve met some great neighbors, contractors and even the previous owners. Can’t wait to do it all over again!

Check out Flippin’ Magnolia on Facebook! Check out UpStaging Designs too! Let me know how I can help you buys, sell, stage or invest!


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