The One Thing

What is the ONE THING you can do to improve your Listing Presentation, Closing Ratio, Seller Satisfaction, Seller Marketing, and Days on Market?

Easy. Hire a Stager! Offer a free staging consultation. Every. Single. Listing.


The value I offer to seller clients is not my ability to give them a list of things to do. Anyone can print a good list off the internet. Free staging advice is all over the place!

I help sellers understand their own home from a buyer’s perspective. Sellers cannot see their own home or their own things objectively!

I help sellers understand the value and importance of making a great first impression through staging.

I give them specific instructions on how to stage their home, with their things, or not. And what to purchase, often including online links from local and online retailers.

What if the house is empty? No need to stage? Yikes – every flaw is glaring! For a minimal investment, accessory staging provides warmth, depth, and color to online photographs, and a welcoming feeling to buyers who would otherwise walk into a cold vacant home. Hire a stager.

The real estate business is competitive and more and more price driven. Don’t be a commodity realtor. Offer value and expertise. Offer a team of professionals, including a Accredited Staging Professional!



Happy New Year!

It is January 1, 2016 and I’m already thrilled about what I’m accomplishing in the new year. Okay, it isn’t that big, but as an small business owner who loves what I do, but not always the matters of business, I’m excited that QuickBooks Online is set up and ready to go for the year!

2015 has been a great year in the Staging and Real Estate business. I’ve connected with 20-some realtors to assist with Staging Consultations and Vacant Home Staging services. I’ve worked with fantastic buyers and sellers on first-time homes, upsizing, investing and even some folks who’ve left the Triangle.

2016 – The list of things I want to accomplish this year is pretty long, but all do-able. I look forward to working with more Realtors to partner in staging and more buyers, sellers and investors. I want to establish some new habits (and get rid of a few) and spend quality time with friends and family.

I am grateful beyond measure for all that God has provided to me through business, family and friendship. Here’s to a wonderful 2016!