Who needs real estate staging?

I had a conversation the other day with a busy realtor about the value of staging consultation services and staging for sellers.

The difference? A consultation is a meeting with a stager and a seller about the steps to take inside and outside their home in preparation for marketing. The seller does all the work, but the stager tells them what to do. Beyond that, there are various levels of assistance a stager can give with the implementation of the actual staging work.

This agent believes that only the most expensive homes warrant the added cost of staging services – half million dollar homes and above. I disagree! Why do folks sell their starter homes? Usually, it is because they’ve outgrown the space and need a larger home for their larger family. Kids, at home offices and the accumulation of stuff fills up that starter home and it’s time to move on.

When staging a home, it is vital to pre-pack that stuff and de-personalize the home in order for buyers to imagine themselves living in that home. In my experience, it’s the buyers of those starter homes that have the least experience in imagining themselves in someone else’s space, making it even more important for the starter home to be staged!

Here are two starter homes, recently sold in the Triangle. In each case, the realtor hired me to work with their sellers through consultation services to decide how to re-arrange furniture and pack away things in order to prepare for sale. The result, each sold within 2 days!

2032426-3 2032426-9

2025853-3 2025853-13-2

So the answer to the question is that every seller can benefit from staging services! Are you working with a realtor who is willing to offer staging services as part of their marketing?


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